Air Slide Systems

Airslide fabrics offer versatile solutions for bulk material handling and pneumatic conveying across a wide range of industries, contributing to efficient and effective operations. Let’s explore some specific applications of airslide fabrics in various industries:

Power Stations: Airslide fabrics are extensively used in power stations for efficient and reliable bulk material handling. They play a crucial role in the transportation of powdered coal or fly ash from storage silos to combustion chambers or ash disposal systems. Airslide fabrics ensure the smooth flow of these materials, minimizing the risk of blockages and facilitating efficient combustion or ash handling processes.

Building and Construction: In the building and construction industry, airslide fabrics find applications in the pneumatic conveying of bulk materials. They are commonly used for the transportation of cement, fly ash, and other powdered materials from storage silos to mixing stations or construction sites. Airslide fabrics enable the controlled and precise transfer of these materials, ensuring accurate dosing and efficient mixing processes.

Chemical Industry: Airslide fabrics play a vital role in the chemical industry, facilitating the handling and transportation of various powders, granules, and other materials during production processes. They are employed in pneumatic conveying systems to transfer chemicals between different stages of production or to packaging units. Airslide fabrics ensure the smooth and efficient flow of materials, preventing segregation and maintaining the integrity of the chemical compositions.

Foodstuff / Feed: The food and feed industries utilize airslide fabrics for the pneumatic conveying of food products, such as flour, sugar, grains, and animal feed. These fabrics enable the gentle and hygienic transportation of these materials, preserving their quality and preventing contamination. Airslide fabrics are commonly employed in bulk powder storage and cone systems, as well as in bulk powder delivery trucks for efficient and controlled discharge of food products.

Surface Coating: Airslide fabrics find application in surface coating processes, where they play a crucial role in the controlled and precise distribution of powders or granules onto various surfaces. They are used in coating applications for products such as metal sheets, paper, textiles, and more. Airslide fabrics ensure uniform coverage and adherence of the coating material, enhancing the quality and durability of the coated surfaces.

In summary, airslide fabrics offer versatile solutions for bulk material handling and pneumatic conveying across multiple industries. Whether in power stations, building and construction, the chemical industry, food and feed production, or surface coating processes, airslide fabrics enable efficient and reliable transportation of powdered or granular materials. Their use in powder storage and cone systems, bulk powder delivery trucks, and pneumatic conveying systems ensures smooth operations, accurate dosing, and optimal product quality.