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Blower Standard
DV Blower
Bare Shaft DV Blower
  • Vacuum up to 100 mbar(a)
  • Capacity up to 10,500 m³/h
  • vacuum of up to 93% – 28″ Hg 

vacuum pump series consists of 3 lobe rotary blower used as exhauster, It can reach vacuum levels of up to 93% on a dead head – 28″ Hg without the need to water inject or heat exchange.

  • Maximum vacuum 93% – 28”Hg on a dead head
  • Gases and vapours can be handled
  • Cool operating temperatures (no overheating on dead head)
  • Low maintenance thanks to its robustness and heavy duty operation.
  1. Vacuum conveying
  2. Sand Vacuum (Oil & Gas in Desert)
  3. Sewage Suction
  4. Dust Cleaning
  5. Plastic granules vacuum conveying
  6. Food packaging, PET production
  7.  Paper converting
Technical Data Sheet