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Blower Unit Pressure and Vacuum
Blower Unit Vacuum
  • Vacuum up to 500 mbar (a)
  • Maximum capacity of 10,500 m³/h.

The compact blower unit offers a unique design and easy installation, optimizing floor space usage. Its exclusive features eliminate the need for ducting, making it convenient to install in various settings. Experience the benefits of a blower unit with the added advantage of screw blower technology in one package.


Enjoy low noise emissions with the blower unit, thanks to its specially designed discharge and suction silencers, as well as enhanced canopy features. Installation is made easy with the flexible and user-friendly design of the blower unit. Accessible service points and removable enclosure side doors ensure convenient maintenance and upkeep.

  1. Wastewater Treatment.
  2. Aquaculture.
  3. Food and Beverage.
  4. Lime and Cement.
  5. Cooling and drying
  6.  Methane gas extraction
  7.  Feeding inert
Technical Data Sheet
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  • Blower Unit – Oil-free Premium Airend: Efficient, oil-free operation with reduced pressure pulsation.
  • Synchronized gears, high-quality rotors, and durable shaft design for reliability.
  • New Compact Suction and Discharge Silencers: Minimize pressure drops and reduce noise.
  • Dual splash lubrication system: Requires minimal maintenance.
  • State-of-the-art noise enclosure: Corrosion protection and reduced noise emissions.
  • Easy electrical cable installation from top or bottom.