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Blower Standard
Blower Unit Direct
Direct-Coupled Blower Unit
  • Pressure up to 1,000 mbar (g)
  • Capacity up to 700 m³/h
  • low noise levels of <75>

The Direct Coupled Blower Unit offers reliability and easy installation. It has a modular design and fewer components, reducing space constraints. The compact size saves 33% floor space and prevents transmission efficiency losses.


The Direct Coupled Blower Unit enhances efficiency by 8% compared to belt transmission versions. It features reduced noise levels and easy access with removable panels. Scheduled servicing ensures extended uptime and simplified oil filling and drainage.

  1. Wastewater Treatment.
  2. Aquaculture.
  3. Food and Beverage.
  4. Lime and Cement.
  5. Cooling and drying
  6.  Methane gas extraction
  7.  Feeding inert
Technical Data Sheet
  • Small footprint: Compact design saves approximately 33% floor space compared to conventional PD blower packages.
  • Direct coupling: Prevents transmission efficiency losses and reduces servicing costs.
  • Cooling air-out circulation: Improved cooling air outlet enhances ventilation even in critical environmental conditions.
  • Ease of access: Enclosure panels slide off for easy servicing and maintenance, while front panels are easily removable.