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Electrical Actuators
Electric Cylinder Type EL 300 – 50.000 N
Electric Cylinder Type EL
  • Model tbsp1 – EL14
  • Force 0.3-50 KN
  • Speed 50-240 mm/sec

High-performance electric cylinders are electromechanical actuators designed for precise linear movement of heavy loads. They find applications in automation technology, mechanical engineering, robotics, shipbuilding, and aerospace for tasks that require accurate and powerful linear movements.


These electric cylinders provide precise control of linear motion and can be operated with switches, frequency converters, or PLCs. They also include features like feedback sensors, limit switches, and protection mechanisms against overload or overheating.

  1. Trouser chutes
  2. Reusable distributors
  3. Belt tensioning devices
  4. Wagon loaders
  5. Belt scrapers
  6. Radar positioning
  7. Bunker closures
  8. Flap changes
  9. Loading chutes
  10. Flat sliders for feed/food and heavy industry