Pulp and Paper industry

otary lobe blowers and centrifugal pumps are essential in various applications related to clean liquid and pulp handling, as well as tissue and pulp drying in the pulp and paper industry.

Clean liquid handling:
Centrifugal pumps play a crucial role in auxiliary services and processes within pulp and paper mills. They are utilized for liquid handling, cleaning, and recovering purposes, ensuring efficient and effective operations.

Pulp drying:
Vacuum is extensively used in the forming section of paper machines to remove water from the paper stock. By applying varying levels of vacuum across flat boxes and couch rolls, the majority of the water is extracted, facilitating the drying process and producing high-quality paper.

Pulp handling:
Process centrifugal pumps are responsible for handling different types of paper pulp, ensuring smooth and reliable transportation throughout the manufacturing process.

Vacuum plays a significant role in tissue production, particularly in the transfer and guiding of paper. Suction pickup and transfer rolls utilize vacuum to transfer paper from the forming section to the press section, as well as guide the sheet from one felt to another in the press section, facilitating the production of tissue products.