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Vacuum Pumps
PD Technik Maschinenbau GmbH
RVS 7-21 SG
  • Vacuum up to 33 mbar(a)
  • Pressure up to 2,000 mbar(g)
  • Capacity up to 4,200 m³/h

The RVS/SG series comprises single-stage vacuum liquid ring pumps with their own shaft and bearings. These pumps are driven by a flanged, easily removable standard electric motor using an elastic coupling. The RVS/SG series is available in standard cast iron or stainless steel alloy construction, offering durability and versatility for various applications.


Featuring connections ranging from 1″ to 2 1/2″, the RVS/SG series is compatible with electric motors ranging from 3 kW to 11 kW. These pumps are capable of achieving an absolute suction pressure of up to 33 mbar(a) and can deliver a flow rate of up to 400 m³/h. With their robust design and material options, the RVS/SG series provides reliable performance and efficiency in a wide range of industrial settings.

  1. Fish Processing Industry
  2. Tamato Souce Production
  3. Beverage Industry
  4. Cement Factories
  5. Iron and steel industry
  6. Tanning
  7. Dairy Industry
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