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Compressor Standard
Energy Unit Screw Compressor
Magnet-Coupled Compressor Unit
  • Maximum capacity of 1,600 m3/h
  • Operating range 1,600-880 m3/h
  • Minimum limit at around 500 m3/h

The compressor unit incorporates superior pump technology and a wear-free design with a direct-fit permanent magnet motor, ensuring maximum energy efficiency. It can achieve up to 30% energy savings compared to standard rotary lobe machines by eliminating power loss from belt drives.


Equipped with a user-friendly touch screen control panel and a Windows CE system, the Robox Energy screw blower offers smart and flexible operation. It can be easily programmed, remotely connected, and utilizes the Smart Process Control tool to analyze oxygen data and adjust operating parameters without interrupting the process.

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Technical Data Sheet
  • Screw blower design
  • Permanent magnetic motor
  • Smart control panel
  • Easy oil service
  • Compact splash lubrication system with minimum maintenance
  • Replaceable main package filter without opening the enclosure.