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Nitrogen Transport Unit
Nitrogen Transport Unit
  • System Parameters: 7452 m3/hr @ 770 mbar
  • Duty Point: pressure
  • Rated power- 250 KW HT Motor

Our demonstrated capability to meet not only the fundamental requirements of the PP/PE drying process but also any additional demands serves as additional proof of our expertise. Furthermore, our commitment to diligently comply with strict local certifications, design codes, and technical regulations adds value to our comprehensive project management service.


Customers can benefit from the high durability of our solutions, which are designed for an extra-long lifespan. This results in a low total cost of ownership and provides peace of mind during usage. Our focus on meeting customer needs and ensuring compliance with industry standards sets us apart in delivering exceptional value.

  1. Pneumatic conveying
  2. Food packaging
  3. Removal of impurities
  4. Pulp drying
  5. Packaging
  6. Fish pond aeration
  7. Wastewater treatment
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