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Promix Pump
Promix Pump
  • Capacity up to 2,000 m³/h
  • Head up to 80 m
  • Avilable Open and closed impeller

RC pumps: Open impeller, wide cross sections for efficient pumping of viscous liquids with solid particles. Ideal for pulp and paper, sugar, chemical, and food processing industries. Features include high energy efficiency, adjustable wear plate, and heavy-duty support system.


Promix RCNS Chemical Process Pump: RKC-RKCS series. Handles non-fibrous solid particles, viscous liquids with solid particles, fibrous materials, and air. Used in pulp and paper, sugar, chemical, iron metallurgy, food processing, sewage treatment plants, and shipyards. Features include pumping vortex, open spiral ring casing, replaceable wear ring, large inlet nozzle, and heavy-duty shaft.

  1. suitable for use in the pulp and paper industry
  2. the sugar industry
  3. the chemical industry
  4. the food processing industry
  5. iron metallurgy
  6. sewage treatment plants
  7. shipyards
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