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Side Channel Blower
Side Channel Blower
  • flow up to 700 m³/h
  • pressure of up to 600 mbar
  •  up to 20,000 hours no downtime

The introduction of side channel blowers has expanded the range of blower options available for various applications, including Water and Wastewater Treatment. These versatile blowers complement existing options such as lobe, screw, multistage, and high-speed turbo blowers, providing a comprehensive selection for customers’ needs.


Side channel blowers offer a reliable solution for cases where installation space is limited and low maintenance is desired. With their rugged design, these blowers require minimal upkeep and can operate continuously for up to 20,000 hours, minimizing downtime. They have a flow capacity of up to 700 m³/h and can handle differential pressures of up to 600 mbar, making them well-suited for a range of applications in the wastewater treatment industry.

  1. Chemical and Pharmaceutical.
  2. Environmental.
  3. Food and Beverage.
  4. General Manufacturing.
  5. Lime and Cement.
  6. Medical.
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