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Table Top Blower Unit
Table Top Blower Unit
  • Pressure up to 1,000 mbar(g) and above
  • Vacuum up to 100 mbar(g)
  • Capacity up to 25,000 m³/h

The low-pressure gas conveying rotary lobe blower groups are based on the 3 lobe RBS series. They can be operated by an electric motor through a special belt drive (GRBS) or directly coupled with or without reduction gear (CRBS). These blower groups come equipped with all necessary accessories for reliable, safe, and quiet operation.


The drive system options include belt and pulley tensioning device (for motors up to 250 kW) or direct coupling with flexible coupling or reduction gears (for motors up to 500 kW). The discharge silencer consists of a wide band resonance chamber without soundproofing material. The instrument panel is customizable based on customer specifications. Additionally, relief valves can be included as part of the system.

  1. Wastewater treatment
  2. Primary sedimentation in the oxidation compart
  3. Back washing sand filtration
  4. Desalinization
  5. Ozonation
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